New Community/New Creation

Where do we see God’s hope alive in the world today? As a New Community, a New Creation in Christ?

In church yesterday, I experienced God’s hope, peace and life as I took communion. I felt a letting go, a “here I am” moment. I thought, “here I am-sinner and saint.”

Each Sunday-we go forward to take communion and remember our Lord’s death and resurrection- the hope that grounds our Christian Faith. Lisa spoke of the opportunity we can all take to experience Christ’s resurrection in our daily life and work, when we look at another person or interact with another.

We were asked: In the midst of chaos in the world, where do we long for hope and where do we see hope? Within ourselves-where do we long for and see hope?
This week-within myself, those around me and in the world-I aim to look for hope, and as Lisa encouraged us-to meet Christ-the Risen Christ in each person we encounter.
The prayers spoken on Sunday morning prepare us for the coming week. “Send us out to do the work you have given us to do, to love and serve you, with gladness and singleness of heart” (The Book of Common Prayer). Before we depart from the church, “Let us go forth rejoicing in our Lord and Savior.”

Along with the work we do, the responsibilities we have, our relationships, our hobbies, we also require love and care for ourselves. Along with the demands that each day requires of us, we also need to care for our minds, bodies and spirits. This is a significant and important part of tending to the hope within ourselves and within the world around us. Along with the demands that each day requires of us, we also need to care ourselves. I encourage you this week, and myself, along with seeking hope and as we do our work, and interact with family, friends and those who cross our paths to also take time to fill ourselves.

We are described as children of God in 1 John 1:1-7. As children are cared for, we as children of God-can and need to take time, energy and love to care for ourselves as well as one another. Imagine God as Mother/Father looking on you in love and care.
The New Community/New Creation through Jesus’ death and resurrection allows us to live in Christ’s grace, seek Christ in each person, seek hope in the world, as well as care for ourselves and one another as God’s children. Thanks Be to God.
Brynn Stember

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