Holy Week

And so we begin Holy Week. We would like life to be clear, certain and under control, and for God to be the guarantor of such a happy outcome. But God never offers certainty and those who look for it will be grievously disappointed, as were the disciples when the events of that week spun wildly out of control. What God does promise is faithfulness amidst the “swift and varied changes of the world.” We should not confuse certainty with fidelity. We do not need cognitive certainty about God; what really happened, what is going on here, where will it all lead. What we do need is the assurance that God will prove faithful in our personal relationship with him; that no matter what happens, He is there for us and with us. Those who seek certainty in a world that is inherently unpredictable find only anxiety. Those who look to God to be faithful can find peace and joy despite the myriad uncertainties of this mortal life. This was the ultimate outcome of Jesus’ journey to Easter morning, and is the main lesson we should bear in mind as we follow him and the disciples through the tumultuous events of the week ahead.

John Lawyer

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